BREAKING NEWS: AKSCOE Provost Suspends SUG Election

AKSCOE Provost Suspends SUG Election

… Cite compromise by electoral committee, security concern as reason

The Student Union Government election of the Akwa Ibom State College of Education which was billed to hold today, Friday, 23rd April has been suspended.

News of the suspension of the election was made public by the College of Education Provost, Dr. Daniel Udo who cited compromise by the electoral committee and other security concerns as reason for the suspension.

Dr. Udo while addressing the students and aspirants at the school campus noted with dismay that a particular aspirant who was considered to be a security threat to the students was picked by the Eleco as agent to another presidential candidate despite warnings and advice from the security agents.

He said, ”as at this morning we were trying to look at the arrangement that has been put in place for the peaceful conduct of the election and in trying to look at the modalities put up by the Electoral Committee, I discovered to my outmost disappointment that the electoral body put in place to conduct the election has been compromised.”

“A particular aspirant who expressed the desire to lead the students was discovered to be a security threat and the security agencies duly advised that, that person should not participate in the election at all and as the Provost, I invited the electoral body not once or twice and gave strict warning that security report says this person should not participate in the election but make himself available to the police for further investigation.

The Chairman and Secretary were well directed not to allow that person to participate.

But this morning, I came in to discover that the electoral body has compromised and accepted the nomination of that particular person whose investigation is pending as the agent to one of the presidential aspirant.”

Continuing, Dr. Udo said, ”he brought me the photograph and I’ve handed it over to the security agents and if the electoral body has compromised then there’s no way we can have a level play field for all the candidates. So in due consultation with agencies and security advice and for the sake of maintaining peace to have a free, fair elections; college of education under my leadership has taken a decision after the consultation to place the election on hold.”

The College of Education helmsman stressed going forward that the institution under his leadership will strive in its capacity to ensure diligence and security is maintained in the institution particularly during and after the election.

Dr. Udo announced that the ”electoral committee will be reconstituted, all the modalities will be put in place, there will be no more campaigns, no new nominations, the election will commence from where it stopped this morning, on Friday of next week.”

He ceased the opportunity to solicit the support of the students and the security persons for the intelligence gathering, commitment and cooperation until the school is able to institute a democratically elected student union government.

In his reaction, Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. Ubong Silas expressed disappointment at the cancellation of the election, he however applauded the provost for the prompt action, saying it was a step in the right direction.

On her part, a presidential aspirant Comr. Edikan Otu who spoke on behalf of her fellow aspirants, expressed satisfaction at the decision taken by the institution, she pleaded with her supporters and co-aspirants to sheathe their swords and take the path of peace as no election was worth the blood of any student.

Meanwhile, the election slated for Friday April 30, will be between a female aspirant Comr Edikan Otu and Comrade Silas Asuquo for the position of the SUG President.