Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Saana Pay!

Please print slip and or follow the instructions below: –

Tips on how to go about this:

Fill in customer details – click on Proceed.

Follow the procedure outlined, get to the payment gateway

Select payment channel to process the transaction

For Credit/Debit Card, you will be required to type in your Card details:

Card Name: Card owner’s name

Card Number: This is a 14-19-digit number found on the front of the Card.

Expiration Date: Found on the Card usually in month and year (07/2018)

CVV: The last 3 digits found behind the Card (347) and click on Submit.


An OTP will be required to successfully complete the transaction which will be sent to the mobile number registered with your Bank/hardware token.

How do I make Card payment?

What is Card Number: This is a 14-15-digits number found on the front of the Card.

CVV: The last 3 digits found behind the Card.

What is OTP: One Time Password.

Why am I not receiving OTP: Make sure that the SIM you are using for your banking is not registered with DND registry (Do not disturb) if yes, just unregistered it.


If you not receiving OTP, it’s not related to your mobile or SIM card problem.

Contact your Bank manager for that.

May be its just because your mobile no which you have provided at your Bank is different from which you are using for transaction.


This is probably due to the fact that your card wasn’t enabled to receive OTP, kindly contact your bank to enable this feature on your card.

I can’t pay with my Card:

It could for the reasons listed here

  • Your Card issuer, bank or switch not reachable
  • Card not Enrolled for Online transaction
  • Card Issuer seeing transaction on the site as fraudulent
  • Insufficient funds
  • You entered the wrong Card details
  • Exceed maximum daily limit for transactions, kindly contact your bank for assistance.

What is PIN: Personal Identity Number used to finalize a transaction only known to Card holder.

For Cash At Bank

Select Pay at Bank and continue

Click on confirm payment to generate a transaction summary slip that you require to take along with you to the bank listed to process the payment.

  1. Proceed to any bank branch of your choice closest to you.
  2. Request to make payment for a Saana Pay transaction on NIBSS eBills Pay or Union Collect (Union Bank Branches Only)
  3. If Bank staff request for further clarification, please see below instruction to direct them.


  • You may be required to fill out and submit a bank teller/slip or follow existing bank procedures to process this payment.
  • You can also process this payment yourself if you have access to Internet Banking and your bank supports NIBSS eBills Pay Payments (see below for instructions)

To Bank Teller

This Customer is making payments to Saana Pay™ through the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) eBills Pay platform or Union Collect (Union Bank Branch Only), please assist by following the instructions below: –

  1. Log on to your bank’s collections platform to access NIBSS eBills Pay and select Saana Pay as Merchant.
  2. Select Transaction Number/ Bill Number from the drop down menu and enter the Transaction Reference Number/ Bill Number on this slip
  3. Click on Continue to display the transaction details.
  4. Confirm Payment ONLY after customer has satisfied your bank’s requirements applicable to payment processing
  5. Print out a successful payment receipt on completion of transaction processing and hand same back to customer.
  6. If in doubt, please contact your E-Business Team lead or call our Support Number (what is the number?) or email us (see slip)

Process Payment Through Bank Account/Internet Banking

To process this payment by yourself through your Bank Account/Internet Banking please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log on to your Bank’s Internet Banking profile with your login credentials
  2. Locate menu entries such as ‘Payments’ or ‘Payments and Collections’ or ‘Bills Payment’. Click to select ‘eBills Pay’ or ‘Bill Pay – NIBSS’. (This varies from bank to bank)
  3. Select ‘Transaction Number/ Bill Number’ from the drop down menu and enter the

‘Transaction Reference Number/ Bill Number’ on this slip

  1. Click on Continue to display the transaction details.
  2. Click on Confirm Payment to conclude the transaction.
  3. Print successful payment receipt for your record purpose.

Bank Transfer

  1. Click on Bank Transfer to display the transaction details.
  2. Log on to your mobile App to process transfer to Bank Account/Name displayed.
  3. Confirm Payment ONLY after Transfer is successful by clicking on Complete Payment
  4. Print out a successful payment receipt on completion of transaction processing.


  • The Transaction Cost would be deducted from your bank account balance