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The Students’ Affairs Division is saddled with the responsibility of attending to the welfare and general wellbeing of the students of the College of Education, Afaha Nsit on a 24 hour basis daily. The Student Affairs Division of the College is responsible to the Provost of the College for the day to day administration of the student’s social, academic and emotional wellbeing throughout the academic period of the student.

The Division is headed by a Dean, who reports directly to the Provost.  He is available to attend to students on diverse issues on daily basis for 24 hours (weekend inclusive).  He is assisted by a Principal Assistant Registrar and a team of dedicated and hardworking non-teaching staff who are available for the students whenever need arises.



The Division has the following four units

Accommodations/ Hostel Management Unit

Student activities unit

Sports Unit

 Counselling Unit

Student Activities Unit: The unit coordinates student’s activities, elections, training and coordination of student leaders, price monitoring / control of goods and services, organizes University debate tournaments as well as statutory meetings with student leaders.  It ensures that corporate organizations and students associations, clubs and societies conform to the approved standard of the University before registration and activation of activities and programmes.  The Students’ Affairs Division through the Students Activities Unit is saddled with the responsibility to discipline students and regulate their conducts using the College’s Student Hand Book (Code of Conduct). The unit is responsible for the keeping of the disciplinary records and statistics of the student, issuance of letters for all disciplinary matters amongst others.

The Students’ Affairs Division maintains an active partnership with students in the development of new programmes and enrichment of those already in operation. The activities of the Student Union and all other student Clubs and Societies are coordinated through the Division. The objective is to provide an enriching cultural, physical, social and morally uplifting environment for the student as a rewarding complement to his academic work.

Accommodation and Hostel Management Unit: This unit monitors student’s welfare and social events in the halls of residence.  It allocates accommodation to students and ensures proper maintenance of hostels. The College has three halls of residence with two meant for female students and one meant for male students.

The College Governing Council through the Management had since provided the halls with the following items:

* window-netting for all the rooms in the hall

* 1,000 2ft Double bunk beds

* 2,000 2ft mattresses

* 2,000 iron chairs

* Complete renovation of facilities in the hall

* Furnishing of temporary common rooms in each block

* Furnishing of all the reading rooms in each block

* Provision of temporary cafeteria facility in the hall

* Two deep wells to supplement water supply

* One standby generator

* Two deep industrial bore-holes with huge plastic tanks supplementing   water supply in each block

* Provision of sport equipment and facility

* Computers for internet access facility in the hall.

Each hall has two supervisors and well trained porters to provide 24 hours security and attention to students’ matters as well as enforce adherence to laid down hostel rules.

Counselling Unit: It is responsible for the mental health issues of students and staff.  It deals with social, personal, emotional, academic and other issues.  It is new arrow head for the fight against drug misuse and abuse; it also provides support for indigent students as well as organizes orientation programme for new students, career week for final year students, among others.  The unit can be reached through the Dean Students Affairs.

Also included in the assignment of Students’ Affairs division is the responsibility of enforcing the rules and regulations guiding students’ successful stay on campus.

The Principal Officers of the Division are the Dean, Student Affairs, the Student Affairs Officer, the Counsellor and the College Chief Coach.

The Dean is

Enobong Sunday Akpan    B. Sc. (Hons.) Physics Unical 1988, M.Sc. (Uniport) PGDE Uniuyo. The Dean is A Chief Lecturer in the Department of Physics

The Students’ Affairs Officer is

Mrs. Emem Nseabasi Udo B. Sc. (ED) Zoology

Mrs. Emem Nseabasi Udo is a Principal Assistant Registrar

The Chief Coach is

Mrs. Iniobong F. Oton NCE. (Afaha Nsit),  B. Sc. Uniuyo

The Counselor is

Mrs. Ekaette M. P. Udo NCE. B. Ed Uniuyo, M. Ed. Uniuyo (in view)