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Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Email:



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A brief history of Demonstration Schools

Demonstration Schools, appendage of the College of Education, Afaha Nsit, was established in 1998 as Staff School. It was established as the only project to assist the College community as enshrined in the edict establishing the College in 1990.

Eventually, this Demonstration schools became a laboratory for both Primary Education and Early Childhood Care Education Departments, a basic requirement for their accreditation in 2015. That is when it metamorphosed from Staff School to Demonstration Schools.

The School came into existence during the tenure of Dr. Jerome Ekong as the Provost. The Pioneer Principal was Mrs. Ime Ernest Frank, followed by Late Mr. Nse Akpan, Immaculata G. Umoh and Mrs. Rebecca J. Akpabio, as the current principal. The Secondary School section came onto existence in 2016. Demonstration schools now has 53 staff and Seven hundred and forty-eight (748) pupils/students to the Glory of God.