AKSCOE Inaugurates Security Structure

Acting Provost, Akwa Ibom State College of Education (AKSCOE), Afaha Nsit, Dr. Daniel Udo, has inaugurated a security structure in the institution.

The structure is made up of well- experienced security personnel to address insecurity threateninng the peace of the college.

Speaking at the kick-off, Udo assured his administration would ensure evils have no foothold in the college.

This, he explained, triggered the institution’s partnership with a viable security outfit in the fight against insecurity.

On the latest security development in the institution, he said, “The security frame is meant to provide security for staff and students and the entire community.

He added: “Of late, we’ve been having issues of insecurity ranging from burglary, cultism, phone snatching. No responsible parent would want to send his/her ward to a place that is insecure; that is why we are taking security headlong.

“We are doing everything to ensure that whosoever is having  legitimate duty, carries it out without fear of being harrassed or molested. So, the security frame is to  buttress the point that we have taken responsibility to ensure maximum security in the college.”